Dumpster rental

2 in 1 rental

When dumpster rental rhymes with bulk materials.

Need bulk materials and a dumpster at the same address? Combine the two and save yourself a costly delivery!

We can bulk up to 10 tons of material. The delivery driver can unload the materials at the desired location and then install the skip.


Klondike offre une formule unique dans la région Gatineau-Ottawa. Be billed by the half-ton.

For example: For 1.4 tons of material, only 1.5 tons will be charged instead of 2 tons!


Many of our skips are fitted with tarpaulins, so in high winds you can close the top to keep the volatile contents out of the neighbor's!


The trucks are equipped with scales and built-in printers, so the delivery driver can give you your ticket and weight directly. No more nasty surprises...

Fast service

Simply place the order and the dumpster will be delivered or picked up promptly. 24/7 emergency service available.


At the time of pick-up, the driver will have the invoice with him in two copies. Payment is made directly with the terminal (Debit, Visa, Mastercard).


The deliveryman installs pieces of wood under the container to protect your parking space.


During pick-up, the delivery driver passes the ballet under the container location. The site will be clean!

Health & safety

When making a delivery to a construction site, delivery personnel often have to get out of the truck. That’s why all our delivery personnel have their construction site health and safety card, as well as their mandatory protective equipment such as helmet, bib, boots and goggles.

Dry materials such as:

Sizes available: 20 yards and 30 yards

Determine the quantity needed

To determine the quantities required to carry out your project, first go to the product you want and click on the “Calculate your quantities” button. You will be able to see the results.